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The Southwest ADA Center is dedicated to making available the best information about the ADA, and other disability-related laws. To this end, we haveg athered a large, and growing, library of publications that explain the laws and that provide instruction on implementation of policy in compliance with them. We pledge to maintain the best available publications, and to keep them updated. Additionally, we are committed to making sure that this web site, and the publications hosted on it are accessible. We will provide documents in an alternate format upon request. We have organized the publications into the primary categories listed above. These publications are available for your review online, for you to download and reproduce, or a hard copy can be sent to you at your request by calling at 800-949-4232, or emailing the us at

In addition, the Southwest ADA Center develops materials interpreting the ADA and other disability-related laws for distribution through electronic bulletins, or "e-bulletins" for a variety of audiences. These are available through email subscription, free, and are archived on this site. If you are interested in subscribing, click on the e-bulletin link, or contact our offices at 800/949-4232.