Welcome to the Southwest ADA Center Webinar Page!

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is similar to a teleconference, but instead of tuning in by phone, you listen through the Internet for free. All webinars include real-time captioning, which ensures access for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Webinars are an excellent way to receive training and information from your desk or home computer. Archived webinars allow you to listen at your convenience.

Webinar Calendar:

Search our host agency, ILRU's calendar for more webinars on independent living.

Archived Webinars

Listen to webinars or read its transcripts from the archives.

Instructions on Accessing a Webinar

Most of the ADA National Network webinars uses Blackboard Collaborate, which is an internet-based conferencing system that allows participants to view the presentation in real time, and submit questions directly into the program. You will need to download a small plug-in the first time you use the software. Speakers or a headset connected to your computer are needed so you can hear the presentation. During live webinars, questions may be typed into the chat area of the screen and will be relayed to the speakers when they pause for questions.

Archived Webinars from before 2009

To participate in a webinar archived from before 2009 via your computer, you will need one of two plug-ins, RealOne Player® or Windows Media Player.

Note: Depending on your connection speed, it could take from 20-60 minutes to download and install either player.

When you click on the "Go to Web cast" link, your media player should open automatically. You will then be able to view the broadcast screen and listen to the audio. Depending on your connection speed, it may take a few minutes for the transmission to begin.

For those using dial-up connections, there may be pauses in the audio and video transmission caused by "buffering". This is often caused by a slow connection speed or heavy Web traffic or usage by others on your netowrk. If the transmission stops and does not resume in 1-2 seconds, press the Stop and then the Start buttons on your on-screen media player to restart the broadcast. Often archived Web casts experience fewer of the transmission problems of live Web casts and they can be stopped and started at will.