The Rehabilitation Act

The Rehabilitation Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in in Federal employment and in the employment practices of Federal contractors. The standards for determining employment discrimination under the Rehabilitation Act are the same as those used in title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Section 501

Section 501 requires affirmative action and nondiscrimination in employment by Federal agencies of the executive branch. To obtain more information or to file a complaint, employees should contact their agency's Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

EEOC's Final Rule on Application of ADA Standards to the Federal Workforce
This final rule implements the amendments to section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act and updates the EEOC's Rehabilitation Act regulation in 29 C.F.R. 1614.203. When Title I of the ADA (employment provisions) was enacted, some of the legal requirements of the ADA differed from the Rehabilitation Act, even though the two laws shared the same purpose: ending employment discrimination based on disability. Congress subsequently amended the Rehabilitation Act, applying the ADA standards to federal employment. This EEOC final regulation continues the movement towards full integration of individuals with disabilities into the Federal workforce by clarifying the application of the employment provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) to federal government workers.

Section 503

Section 503 requires affirmative action and prohibits employment discrimination by Federal government contractors and subcontractors with contracts of more than $10,000.

For more information on section 503, contact:

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
U.S. Department of Labor

200 Constitution Avenue, NW Room C-3325
Washington, D.C. 20210
(202) 693-0106 (voice/relay)