Core Services

Technical Assistance

The Southwest ADA Center provides in-depth technical assistance on:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The ADA is the nation's blueprint for including people with disabilities in all aspects of society— as consumers of goods and services, employees, and students. The Southwest ADA Center provides direct technical assistance to individuals who are protected by the ADA, as well as businesses, government agencies and employers that must comply with the law.

Other Disability Civil Rights Laws

The Southwest ADA Center provides general information on a range of laws, which complement the ADA and govern the civil rights, education and employment of people with disabilities. These laws include:

Air Carrier Access Act

For more information or to request technical assistance, call our toll free hotline 800-949-4232 or e-mail us.


  • Staff and affiliates design and provide training for a number of audiences at scheduled trainings throughout the year and in response to requests for customized training. A variety of teaching modalities are used to effectively deliver information on a wide range of topics. Topics include all aspects of the ADA, access to information technology and sensitivity to disability. Training may be delivered in-person, via teleconference or webcast. Audiences may include people with disabilities, employers, businesses, government entities, attorneys and school personnel. To schedule a training or for more information, call 800-949-4232.

Materials Dissemination

  • The Southwest ADA Center serves as a clearinghouse for information. Our Web site hosts over 200 publications, including e-bulletins, Q&As, fact sheets, government documents, laws and regulations, videos and more! We will help you find appropriate handout and training materials, and recommend additional useful resources. Material can be downloaded from our site or received by mail. If you don't find it on our Web site, call 800-949-4232 or e-mail We'll help you find just what you need.