Connecting people with disabilities who are facing day-to-day barriers with those who have overcome them.

We are seeking...

  • people with disabilities
  • people whose lives have been touched by someone with a disability
  • business owners that employ people with disabilities

...who have been successful at removing barriers.

One of the keys to success is listening to those with experience in a similar situation. We often turn to a trusted friend, a family member, or a neighbor for guidance. Over the years, the Southwest ADA Center has heard extraordinary stories about how people with disabilities have used the ADA to remove barriers and make life easier. Together, we can make a difference by sharing your story through the ADA StoryTeller project.

Is your story right for this project?

We want to hear success stories

  • About removing barriers in employment, education, transportation, and housing (including the right to live at home in one’s own community).
  • And about how the American’s with Disabilities Act has made a difference in the lives of those with a disability.

If your story will educate and encourage others, then your story needs to be told!

To share your story, either:

  • Fill out the ADA StoryTeller online form.
  • Or call our office to set up a telephone interview with one of our staff at 800 949 4232 or 713 520 0232.

Printable brochure in PDF (4MB file)